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 Genome Typing Petition

Human Rights on Knowing our Geno-Types

This petition is to promote easier genotyping by everyone on Earth by minimizing governmental and social restrictions 


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 What is gene, genetic, or genomic test?

 Genetest is to know the 'types' of our genetic variation.

    Genotype test: It is like being able to see my face on mirrors.

    It is like knowing my own blood types.


 Why petition?:

1. It is individual's rights to know his/her own genetic information if decided to and governments should not forbid it.


2. Our genomic/genetic information is 'scientific' and 'biogical' data before 'medical' or 'clinical' data. Also they are personal data that can be manged by persons. 


3. When we know the genotype information, we can 'predict' not diagnose before doctors. 

    One can consult doctors if s/he decides to or feel it is necessary.


4. Genome data can contribute to national wealth and health.

    Genome industry is one of the most promising future industries with much efficiency.


5. All the companies in countries need societal support to fast develop accurate and meaningful genomic data. 

     Hence, least possible restriction on genotyping is recommended.

 * Genotyping is not clinical diagnostics. It is more like to know one's blood type. The only difference can be there are many such types.  


 The benefits of genetic tests?

  • Genotype can let us have certain health related life style decisions. 
    • An example is Ms Angelina Jolie who had certain genotype(s) on a certain cancer related gene.

  • Modern Genetest is quite accurate and the accuracy is being improved fast.
  • Even if you have a high risk genotype, it does not mean you will surely get the disease, but you can preemptively do something to reduce the chance of having the disease in the future. Genotype can give predictions.


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 * I do not represent the policies of any organizations I am associated with.


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